The principal objective of the Action StableNextSol is to take advantage of the different and complementary analytical techniques and knowhow available within the network of partners of the consortium to study and understand the degradation in state-of-the-art OPVs and PSCs.


Networking Objectives

  • To establish a multidisciplinary network of research laboratories.
  • To create long-term collaborative teams.
  • To train the next generation of research scientist experts on OPV and PSC stability.
  • To encourage the participation of female researchers.
  • To unify protocols on OPV and PSC degradation.
  • To apply for Horizon 2020 projects.


Scientific/Technical Objectives

  • Fabrication of solar cells and test structures.
  • Following ISOS protocols for the degradation/stability analysis of OPVs and PSCs.
  • Applying characterization techniques to study degradation.
  • To elucidate degradation mechanisms in detail.
  • To consolidate degradation mechanisms into “families” or “groups”.
  • Developing models to simulate the degradation behavior of OPVs and PSCs.
  • Proposing disruptive alternatives to reduce or eliminate the degradation paths in OPVs and PSCs.
  • Fabrication of next-generation OPVs and PSCs with enhanced lifetime.