New WG related to Perovskite Solar Cells, their development and stability.

Since the 1st WG Meeting in Barcelona (October 2014), where WG1 and WG6 had an initial meeting on this topic, Perovskites have consolidated into a WG on their own as the Project Participants started cooperating on this research line.


Experiments on Perovskite Solar Cells

As it was presented in the MC/WG Meetings in Bratislava, the idea is to have a main experiment on the stability and definition of measurement protocols for perovskite solar cells (top down approach) and then to have additional running experiments to evaluate specific properties of perovskites that can be suggested both by producers and characterizing groups (bottom up approach).

The idea for the second group of experiments is to benefit from the huge amount of competencies present in the Action.

To take part in these experiments, both characterizing and manufacturing groups should fill in this survey and send it back to Dr. Francesca Brunetti and StableNextSol by May 6th, 2016.