WG3: Solar Cell Degradation


1. In-situ degradation of OPVs

In-situ degradation of OPV will be carried out to state-of-the-art OPVs. Several sets of samples will be monitored, from reference devices to OPVs degraded at different, but well-defined, exposure times.


2. Degradation protocols

Following well-established degradation protocols for indoor and outdoor testing; a set of systematically prepared OPVs and test structures will be made and distributed to the partners for in depth degradation analysis with all complementary methods. The ageing experiment will be selected among the existing degradation protocols. Degradation protocols can also be extended and improved after agreement of all the partners, MC and SG. Some of the existing degradation protocols are:

a) Real-Time Outdoor Ageing – ISOS-O-3
b) Indoor High Temp. Light Soaking – ISOS-L-2
c) Indoor Humidity Light Soaking – ISOS-L-3
d) Reference Dark Storage Shelf Life – ISOS-D-1
e) High Temperature Dark Storage – ISOS-D-2
f) Damp Heat Storage – ISOS-D-3
g) Temperature Cycling Test – ISOS-TC-3
h) Low Light Testing – ISOS-LL


Main deliverables:

Device degradation and testing OPVs following relevant protocols and standards. Deliver systematically aged devices and test structures to WG4 and WG5.