About the Action


Organic photovoltaic devices (OPVs) and Pervoskite Solar Cells (PSCs) have major potential as a principal source of clean electricity for the future. However, the large-scale introduction of OPVs and PSCs onto the market is currently limited by their stability. The Action StableNextSol aims to create a highly interdisciplinary network of academic and industry researchers to study the degradation mechanisms occurring in state-of-the-art OPVs and PSCs, based on the use of complementary analytical techniques.

The Action seeks to integrate and generate fundamental knowledge and expertise to foster disruptive innovations targeted to mitigate device failure, and aims to develop new concepts for OPVs and PSCs that are more stable and reach lifetimes longer than 20 years.



Title: Stable Next-Generation Photovoltaics: Unraveling degradation mechanisms of Organic and Perovskite Solar Cells by complementary characterization techniques (StableNextSol)

Start Date: 23/03/2014

End Date: 19/03/2018

Official COST information: MP1307

Memorandum of Understanding: MoU MP1307



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